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Ims Error Codes


AEXL (resp=84) DISABLED - The data set or Vsam is not open. The domain that detected the original error will have provided an exception trace, a console message and, possibly, a system dump (depending on the options specified in the dump table). In order, most likely first: In test, the WSCA copybook length does not match the DFHCOMMAREA FILLER. TEMPORARY STORAGE CONTROL: Occurs if the length of the stored data is greater than the value specified by the length option for move-mode input operations. click site

Abend has been coined from ABbnormal END of a task, it signifies that a transaction has been ended abnormally by CICS for performing some illegal action, or A CICS command to AEMA An error (INVALID or DISASTER response) has occurred on a call to the application (AP) domain when a request for set user exit active could not be serviced. This could be the result of attempting to start the execution diagnostic facility (EDF) with EXEC CICS START(CEDF). Loading of the data table is terminated and CFTL abends. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGMCP_5.1.0/com.ibm.cics.ts.doc/dfhs1/topics/dfhs1l7.html

Ims Error Codes

Application should be checked for DISABLED, and display a message to the user, rather than abending. User Response: Either redefine and install a new definition for the transaction with TASKDATALOC(BELOW), or relink the program as AMODE 31. If the character string is not an intelligible character string, the stub has probably been corrupted.

Occurs when the destination (QUEUE) accessed by a READQ TD is empty. load module Other abend codes and their possible reasons The usual Response codes can also be seen in a compile listing for any CICS-COBOL code ABMO - An ABMO error means AEZP SYMBOLERR condition not handled. Cics Response Codes Use this trace entry to determine the cause of the return code from DFHXSRC.

AEIO DUPKEY condition not handled. Db2 Error Codes The domain that first detected the purged condition provides an exception trace. The program was never compiled The program is not spelled correctly, or contains lower-case letters. Index exceeds the size of table        2.

load module System Action: The transaction is abnormally terminated with abend code AEXZ. Cics Abend Codes Not initializing the numeric variables before first use SB37    -   Insufficient disk space (End of volume and no further volume specified) SD37    -   Insufficient disk space. (No secondary allocation ABM5 A DFHTS TYPE=PURGE request has been issued with an invalid REQID. AFDF An attempt was made to attach a transaction specifying DFHFCOR as the program to be given control, but the transaction was not internally attached by CICS.

Db2 Error Codes

If storage protection is active, change the EXECKEY on the CEDA definition for the program that issued the EXEC CICS command from USER to CICS. check that Check for subscript errors, missing DD card, file not opened.     (Missing / Misspelled DD name, Read / Write to un-opened dataset, Read to dataset that opened in       OUTPUT mode, Ims Error Codes ABM9 The text data overflow routines have been reentered while text overflow was in process. Cobol Error Codes User Response: This is a CICS internal logic error.

Occurs if the data to be mapped has a length of zero or does not contain a set buffer address (SBA) sequence. get redirected here User Response: Determine why the task has failed. Or one of the following: An EXEC CICS command has been issued that is not supported by the EXEC interface program DFHEIP. User Response: Use a display terminal that is supported by the Command Level Interpreter or Enhanced Master Terminal or RDO transaction. Cics Return Codes

A dump was requested  S222                     The job was cancelled because it violated some restriction. There are 2 possible causes of this error: The CPC (conversation control block) has been overwritten, or There is an error in CPI Communications which causes it to reject VSAM was unable to perform this request because the SMSVSAM server address space was inactive. navigate to this website AAM1 DFHXMCL has returned an unexpected response during the install of a transaction class.

This might be due to an internal logic error. Cics File Error Codes REASON CODE   SQLCODE  -112, Error: THE OPERAND OF A COLUMN FUNCTION IS ANOTHER COLUMN FUNCTION   SQLCODE  -111, Error: A COLUMN FUNCTION DOES NOT INCLUDE A COLUMN NAME   SQLCODE  AFCF A deadlock has been detected between two or more tasks issuing file control requests.

AEY9 The DB2 plan is not authorized to CICS, or DB2 is inactive.

AICK Module DFHEIIC has issued a resource level security check (RSLC) request to module DFHXSRC and received a response other than OK or EXCEPTION. The high-order byte of register 1 indicates the address type as follows: User Response: Correct the application program that is supplying the erroneous address. AEYK SELNERR condition not handled. Cics Error Messages If this abend occurs when running a CICS transaction, a possible cause is that you are not using the CICS-supplied definition for the program.

AEIL FILENOTFOUND condition not handled. AEY6 Internal logic error in DFHUEM. User Response: Correlate services requested against options specified in the system generation of BMS. my review here AEYG JIDERR - Occurs if the specified journal file identifier does not exist in the journal control table (JCT).

AFCV A request made against a file opened in RLS mode was unable to acquire a record lock. Some new blocks have to allocated and is an admin level job AEIS NOTOPEN condition not handled. User Response: If you have an updated copy of the CEDF transaction installed, ensure that you have a TWA size at least as big as the one defined by the IBM AEYO NOPASSBKWR condition not handled.

A CICS transaction dump of the task terminated with this abend code is available for review. An attempt will be made to reattach the transaction. User Response: Either define another output map or redefine the existing map. TASK_CANCEL was returned as the transaction had been explicitly cancelled.

AEYL FUNCERR condition not handled. SOC1-5     Reading after the end of the file by non-COBOL program. AEID : indicates an END OF FILE condition. It is larger than the current screen size for the 3270 for which output is being built.

The runaway task condition indicates a possible loop in the application. This generally means that the terminal id is not defined to the SYSM CICS version. AEYG JIDERR condition not handled. For errors other than EXCEPTION, the RM domain provides an exception trace, a console message, and possibly a system dump (depending on the options in the dump table).

ATDD The destination that was specified in a transient data request is disabled. There are CICS parameters that determine how long a task can run without giving up control. AAMI An unexpected return code has been received following a call to DFHFCRL. The bad return code is only expected on a synclevel 2 conversation.

The entry in the PRT contains invalid data, or 2. RID OF EXISTING ROW IS X''   SQLCODE  -802, Error: EXCEPTION ERROR  HAS OCCURRED DURING  OPERATION ON  DATA, POSITION   SQLCODE  -798, Error: YOU CANNOT INSERT A VALUE INTO A COLUMN S222 - The job was cancelled (by subsystem or operator) because it violated some restriction S522 - JOB or TSO session exceeded maximum job wait time OR operator did not mount