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Trouble Communicating With Vob Database Clearcase


This happens almost every day, and every day reboot resolves the issue. This daemon returns information to the querying PC about exported drives, groups, and other such info. cleartool mktrtype -element -all -preop checkin -eltype -exec "" Example: M:\dmm-view\dmm>cleartool mktrtype -element -all -nc -preop checkin -eltype The specific reason why cases result in one or the other error is unknown to me. http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cannot-bind-an-admin-server-handle-on-host-clearcase-object-not-found.html

Create a link using the cleartool ln operation for each element. Need to set a user environment variable called CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP to the name of the user's primary group that is on the UNIX server. This error can show up if a VOB was deleted in a non-ClearCase manner. cleartool: Warning: Operation "view_get_fhandle" failed ("element"): not a ClearCase object. more info here

Trouble Communicating With Vob Database Clearcase

It is essential to be the VOB owner (or root) to do a clearimport. How do I - use Access Control Lists with triggers to restrict operations to specific groups When setting up a ClearCase environment to allow all users to read, but only certain The error message is telling you that the lost+found directory in the original VOB has elements in it. Back to the INDEX.

This error showed up when running a "ct ln" command on a directory on the UNIX command-line. When the object is changed, ClearCase checks the authenticity of the user running the operation as well as all other users that are specified in the -nusers list, even accounts that Create triggers that execute a script which checks the currently logged-in user against a user list to see if the user has permission to do the operation. Cleartool Describe Vob Command cleartool: Warning: Unable to determine view for "oid:[email protected]\DemoVOB".

There could be many problems that could give such a generic error message, but this time it was caused by the atria daemon not running. Cleartool Error Not A Vob Object For instance, if the old path on the server was hypothetically /export/home/clearcase/myproject/vobstore/admin.vbs, you could create a directory called /vobs linked to the vobstore and export /vobs to Windows. Check the following: 1) Ensure the user can telnet into the UNIX server from the client. WORKAROUND: The below Perl code will walk the predecessor versions of the checked-out file and determine whether the checked-out version is descended from /main/0.

On Windows, run atria-home/etc/utils/credmap. 3) The view has group permissions other than your PRIMARY_CLEARCASE_GROUP. Cleartool Register Vob A duplicate file name exists, or the file cannot be found. Error Code: 1004 RCCO1.0: Error: Unable to lookup "vobs": No such file or directory. If the backups aren't done properly, you are putting your data at risk! 2.

Cleartool Error Not A Vob Object

For more information on the countdb utility refer to technote 1126456. http://mahantheshkn.blogspot.com/2010/05/clearcase-vobs-database.html cleartool: Error: Failed to get space info for vob "vob-tag". Trouble Communicating With Vob Database Clearcase as usual. Cleartool Mount Vob Open the parent directory in the Windows explorer ii.

Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start. Consult the view_log to investigate possible data loss. To do this, create a script that a. NOTE: Sometimes the "db" database directory cannot be renamed due to files in use. Cleartool Describe Vob

multitool: Error: Unable to access "C:\Program": No such file or directory. This is the result of a "ct rmdo" on an unshared DO. The View Profile Tree is simply a path to where View Profiles are stored and can be anywhere the user chooses. In both cases, if the machines will be in contact often, it's a good idea to add them to the /etc/hosts file. rvance.geg.mot.com rvance d520n.geg.mot.com

The problem was that the albd service was Stopped. Cleartool List Vobs You will now see a corresponding entry in /etc/dfs/sharetab. cleartool: Error: unknown style protection on "...".

That is, that user can rmelem even if the element is locked and other such undesirable side-affects.

This error is most likely caused by an albd user or permission problem or clearcase group problem. Save the results, and close the graphical merge window. multitool: Error: Bad oplog entry descriptor checksum. Clearcase Vob Group List An attempt to Shutdown and Startup the albd service via the ClearCase Properties failed.

set a view cleartool setview testview 2. This error occurs when you are trying to mount a VOB or start a view and CC complains that it can't find a VOB storage area on a drive letter that cleartool: Error: Trouble contacting registry on host "...": specified host is not a registry server. There are two ways to get around this error.

You may have a problem with the database. You can check first if the UCM component is visible through a dynamic view (instead of loading it with a snapshot view). Back to the INDEX. Back to the INDEX.

How do I – understand the “db_obj_delete_V3: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer when running rmelem” issue Attempting to remove an element from a VOB's lost+found This error occurred on a Solaris 2.6 box running CC 3.2. The corresponding errors may appear in the following ClearCase server logs: View_log: View_server.exe(216);Warning. Check the ClearCase logs on the VOB server (Start > Run type ccadminconsole.msc) and look for the presence of db_VISTA errors.

mount: Error: Operation "rgy_getinfo_by_uuid" failed ("uuid"): ClearCase object not found. Refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference Manual for details regarding the command line syntax used in the steps below. 1.