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Cleartool Error Lock On Versioned Object Base Prevents Operation Checkout

To find all view-private files at or below the path: # ct lsprivate -invob /path If you want to simply get rid of all the view-private files, use something like: # share|improve this answer answered Apr 25 '12 at 6:10 Jonathan Leffler 438k61508822 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Back to the INDEX. Since ClearCase does not cache negative failures (or failed lookup attempts), each time an operation is performed against the VOB object, the lookup will occur for any deleted account in the http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-error-not-a-vob-object.html

If the VOB you wish to snapshot is not already set up, use the vob_snapshot_setup utility to configure it for snapshotting. The delay has been reported to extend from 1 to 5 minutes. 3. Undo the difference resolution for the removed element names and then select the correct contributor you wish to use. This error occurred on a Windows server that was previously working fine. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=108187

Only softlinks (-slink) can be used to link directories in any location or elements across VOBs. In this case the view-storage of the view owning the original DO was unavailable. If the actions have been sent to replicas, they can be retrieved and used to bring the VOB up-to-date.

Error: "Unable to connect to server at "http://server/TeamWeb/services/Team"" WSWS3035E: Error: com.ibm.rational.stp.ws.teamservice.VersionHandler.handleFault threw RuntimeException CRVAP0239E Error: CRVSV0078E Error from RPC server: CRVSV0841E 'error detected by ClearCase subsystem Request failed in method UcmStreamProps::fetch_prop One of the more interesting notions is that one could have a MultiSite replica on the VOB server as well as in the usual VOB storage. error from vob database lib32. Rmelem on everything in the lost+found directory in the original VOB and rerun the clearexport_ccase the same way, or rerun the clearexport_ccase specifying everything in the original directory with the exception

For instance, if the vob-tag for the private VOB in question was created as /home/ejo/myvob, there needs to be an empty directory called myvob in ejo before you mount the VOB. cleartool: Error: checked out version, but could not copy data to "view" in view: Invalid argument This error showed up on a Windows client connecting to a Windows server. Cannot set the file time handling property: Permission denied. directory How to implement \text in plain tex?

Back to the INDEX. The "reformatview" subcommand leaves a directory called db.dumped in the vws directory that can be deleted via normal OS commands. The first error occurs if the link is pointing to an existing element and the second if the link points to a file that is not a versioned object. Edit the contents of the file and add the following line: checkout -unreserved 4.

B:\protect>cleartool ci -ident -nc test.txt Checked in "test.txt" version "\main\1". Start the version tree browser for the directory by right-clicking on the file directory, then select Version Tree. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search Unable to lock or unlock versioned object base unlock; cleartool: Error; Unable to find replica in registry for VOB A cleartool rmname cannot be undone with directory merging.

cleartool: Error: Unable to check out "test.txt". More about the author This error showed up when attempting to lock a VOB on a UNIX system. Please contact your system administrator. The problem is in the Perl script atria-home/sun5/lib/perl5/integ/clrcase.pl.

Also, start regedit and check the ClearCaseGroupName (DOMAIN\groupname) registry key value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Atria\ClearCase\CurrentVersion. The first line of this file should contain the name of the primary registry host; the second line should have the name(s) of one or more hosts to be backup registry Need to set a user environment variable called CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP to the name of the user's primary group that is on the UNIX server. http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-find.html cleartool: Warning: Operation "view_change_oid" failed ("element"): Read-only file system.

Each of these errors occurred when running the checkout from the Version Tree Browser and showed up while using CC 3.2.1 on Windows. Due to these problems, Rational recommends that only a “few” incremental backups be taken for any given VOB. Triggers that are configured to run for specific individuals can be problematic if not managed properly.

Basically, check all of the following: 1) The UNIX drive is exported to Windows.

This example assumes that the dump command was used to create the backup. Below, the vob-tag belongs to the VOB that got deleted or is no longer reachable. derived-object [no config record] derived object [removed with white out] These errors show up on the command-line when doing a "ct ls" of a derived object (DO). If you are on a CC system where checkout of a non-selected version does not generate these errors, you can see differing behavior WRT linked elements.

If not, then either define and or disable them, or change the exception list on the trigger type or the lock to remove the undefined user account. cleartool: Error: View storage directory path not found: "error detected by ClearCase subsystem". Select Rebase Stream 20. news Back to the INDEX.

Conclusion The ability to back up and restore VOBs is as crucial to the administration of ClearCase as any software application data is to that application. You will need to have administrative privileges to do that. The VOB, however, is owned by clearuser. list out and count the elements: (UNIX and Linux only) cleartool find -all -print | wc -l Note: There are no equivalent commands or utilities to count the elements in a

db_obj_resolve_name_V3: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer db_abort_trans_V3: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer Segmentation fault Couldn't mount VOB: vobtag text_file_delta: Error: Can't Create a UCM project VOB M:\>cleartool mkvob -tag \eric5_pvob -ucmproject -stgloc vob Comments for "C:\cc_storage\vob\eric5_pvob.vbs": Project VOB. . Back to the INDEX. The “extra” items can be eliminated by executing the checkvob command.

If, however, the user is a member of more than one of the VOB's groups, the CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP will need to be set to one of these. Error 1069 - The service did not start due to logon failure This error shows up on Windows when the albd service has not started for some reason. You can use the view server access path if the backup runs locally but will have to use the global path if the backup is being done over the network. $ Public items are essentially commu­nity property to which access is controlled by the owning group, but which several peo­ple may be accessing (of course, not the same item) simultaneously.

View Backup and Recovery Procedures The ClearCase view is the developer’s window into the data stored in the VOBs. An attempt to Shutdown and Startup the albd service via the ClearCase Properties failed. Unable to unmount: Resource device (Device busy) umount: vob-tag busy The first error occurs on Windows and second on UNIX, but both have the same cause. Make sure that the two servers are syn­chronized by backing up the original primary before switching back to the original con­figuration.

It is necessary to back up this storage pool with the main view storage directory. You will be able to unlock your VOB. cleartool: Error: Checked out version, but could not copy data to "filename" in view: unknown error in VOB. [email protected]@\DemoVOB <- Back to top Note: Running the describe command (even in the VOB) with the VOB designation (@) at the end of the oid will NOT return

Restart ClearCase (start the albd_server process) by executing the command $CCHOME/etc/atria_start start. Use the command vob_snapshot lsvob to determine which VOBs are set up for snapshotting. In the example below we are creating a trigger type that should not fire when a directory element is checked in. Since the main thrust is the backing up of the physical storage directory, there are many ways this can be accomplished, including the use of commercial tools.