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Cleartool Error Cannot Remove Stream That Has Baselines

The UCM metadata, such as change set membership and baseline labels, cannot transition from one component to another. You will be prompted with an informational dialogue, you can just click OK: 3. Comments can be edited with chevent.-c·omment comment | -cfi·le comment-file-pname |-cq·uery | -cqe·ach | -nc·omment Overrides the default with the option you specify. Today, I am going to show you how to remove a baseline that has been delivered.Try to remove a stream with baseline on it. have a peek at these guys

Mount and cd into the PVOB 3. You can view the contributing activities in a baseline from GUI or CLI as follows: GUI - ClearCase Component Tree Browser 1. Remove the deliver activity from the integ stream (cleartool rmact). 3. Run the cleartool lsactivity -long for the same output. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21146297

Got errors.$ cleartool rmstream [email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjectsRemove stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects"? [no] ycleartool: Error: Cannot remove stream that has baselines.cleartool: Error: Unable to remove stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects".Check which baselines are on the stream.$ cleartool lsbl -stream Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Double Paddle Monday, January 14, 2008 The ClearCase Eraser -- Delivered Baseline Needless to You can view the contributing activities in an integration activity from GUI or CLI as follows: GUI - ClearCase Project Explorer Note: The screen capture is from Microsoft Windows, but this

Cause This is expected behavior. Removing a UCM Component Currently, there is no functionality that will allow you to remove a component after it has been in use in a UCM Project, refer to technote 1178234 A project's integration stream cannot be removed while other project streams exist. For more information About activities, see IBM Rational ClearCase Developing Software.

The steps for adding a component to a UCM Project: 1. A new baseline can be applied across one or more components depending on the switches you use with the mkbl command. Convert a subdirectory to a UCM Component GUI 1. You are told that the stream cannot be removed because a view is still attached to it: cmd-contextrmstream-fhtml_parser_int cleartool:Error:Cannotremovestreamthathasaview("html_parser_int_view") attachedtoit.

Say thank you you as your information. Update the snapshot view load rules to include the component that you added to the stream, if applicable These instructions are in IBM Rational ClearCase Managing Software Projects > Managing the This utility is ClearCase version and operating system specific, and is only available for Windows and Solaris. List all baselines created on the dev stream to identify the desired deliverbls to remove (cleartool lsbl -s -stream).

Remove the "Integrate" hlink using the extended name (cleartool rmhlink [email protected]@/your/pvob). 6. BASELINES Baselines are used to mark a set of versions as a stable configuration or a bench mark, and can span multiple components in a project. cleartool:Error:Unabletoremovestream"html_parser_int".Display a description of the stream to see what views are attached to it: cmd-contextdescribestream:html_parser_int stream"html_parser_int" created11-Sep-99.11:27:01byJFMuggs owner:jfm group:user project:html_parser title:html_parser_int containsactivities: foundationbaselines: views: html_parser_int_view Guarding:brtype:[email protected]/usr1/tmp/foo_projectRemove the view: cmd-contextrmview-taghtml_parser_int_view RemovingreferencesfromVOB"/usr1/tmp/foo_project"... For more information on the cleartool rename command, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man rename.

We welcome any comments! More about the author IBM Rational Tech Support can give you a tool to do this if you are in a real jam. How do I resolve the unable to perform operation change activity in replica issue Attempts to complete a rebase operation results in the following error: $ cleartool rebase -complete Rebase Solution Creating Identical Baselines Creating a duplicate (identical) baseline can be achieved by using cleartool mkbl -identical.

Remove a stream that has a view attached to it.Issue the rmstream command. This was investigated and resolved in ClearCase 2002.05 for cleartool rmbl in defect, RATLC00588714. March 14, 2010 at 8:15 AM Roel said... http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-find.html No views can be attached to the stream.

Remove the baseline, cleartool rmbl baseline_name\@ProjectVOB Note: After removing the baseline, all the activities that were in this baseline will be available to be added in a new baseline. Extracting element history ... ...... This is the accepted answer.

Created baseline "Cust_Test_01_08_03" in component "chowchow".

A tool will be required to remove the dangling hyperlinks in the PVOB. Mastership: The stream must be locally mastered. Answer To undo a baseline, the baseline must be removed and then a new one can be created. You should contact IBM Rational Customer Support to work with a member of the ClearCase UCM Team if you need the utility for ClearCase 2003.06 on Solaris.

Note: There is no predefined limit to the number of components that can be added to a single UCM project. Open ClearCase Project Explorer (Exploring ClearCase Projects) from the Rational ClearCase Start menu options, or click Start > Run and type clearprojexp. 2. If the current directory is a project VOB, that project VOB is the context for identifying the stream.EXAMPLESThe UNIX examples in this section are written for use in csh. http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-error-not-a-vob-object.html Done incrementally labeling baseline "Cust_Test_01_08_03".

Reissue the rmstream command: cmd-contextrmstream -f html_parser_int Removed stream "html_parser_int". Repeat steps 4-6 for each deliverbl (one for each modified component) associated to the delivery. -Jeff Ng More... Synchronize the child streams view with the streams new configuration 7. See Solution 192102996.

References: Microsoft Windows Help on the FOR command -- for /? The steps for the Development Streams should be completed first and then can be performed for the Integration Stream before removing the project. 1) Create a non-UCM view. There is a check performed, and if the baseline is part of a composite baseline, then the removal fails with an error message indicating that it's part of a composite baseline. cleartool: Error: Unable to remove hyperlink "[email protected]@\**_PVOB". 这个问题怎么解决呢? [ 本帖最后由 pinkpig1982 于 2008-10-6 16:26 编辑 ] pinkpig1982 发表于 2008-10-6 17:08:04 还是自己回答了,解决了2楼的问题,是权限问题 开始用的是流的创建者身份去删除那个hyperlink ,不行,也不说是权限问题,就是报错。 后面突然想到是否是权限问题,就换成**_PVOB的所有者身份去执行删除,成功了~~~ pinkpig1982 发表于 2008-10-6 17:12:00 有篇文章值得看一下 http://doublepaddle.blogspot.com/2008/01/clearcase-eraser-versions-recorded-in.html zhouwenling1102

Review technote 1147318 for more information. Topology and the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics Call native code from C/C++ Polite way to ride in the dark How to copy from current line to the `n`-th line? stream-selector is of the form: [stream:]stream-name[@vob-selector] and vob is the stream's UCM project VOB. INTEGRATION: Z:\test_pvob>cleartool rmstream test_project_Integration Remove stream "test_project_Integration"?

Since the directory structure is created differently, it is impossible to convert. Note: These policies were made available in a patch for Rational ClearCase 2002.05, refer to technote 1131790 for more details. If the component is read-only in the project, but there is an error that changes have already been made in the stream, then refer to technote 1150870 to address that error. Repeat steps 4-6 for each deliverbl (one for each modified component) associated to the delivery. -Jeff Ng SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 47290 Posts Re: Removing a baseline that has been delivered ‏2012-11-30T11:15:41Z