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The scrubber_log was pointed to by a cron job email stating that ccase_cron.day had failed. In today, "write" commands fail with permission error. Hi, I have install Hudson in my PC with Server Tomcat 7.0 and need download a view created with IBM Rational Clear Case, but without need to install Clear Case(without 'cleartool') In addition to this lshistory on the read-only component would be difficult to work with because the changes to the Read-only component could be made weeks before it is used in http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-find.html

That is, setuid "-r-sr-xr-x". Filter destroy sub-branch events If selected, "destroy sub-branch" events, which are generally the result of removing a version 0 of a file, will be ignored in polling. cleartool: Error: Unable to change protection on "/vobs/test_vob". This usually happens to view-private files that have become "stranded". navigate here

Cleartool Checkvob

https://hudson.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=80... If you are using Hudson as a service running under the LocalService account on Windows then it's almost impossible to create a view on a ClearCase server elsewhere on the network. However, if even a single character is added, the error occurs.

Add the correct group to the VOBs group list cleartool protectvob -add_group Example: c:>cleartool protectvob -add_group "new group" \\server\ccstore\vobs\misprotected.vbs This command affects the protection on your versioned object cleartool: Warning: Operation "view_get_fhandle" failed ("element"): not a ClearCase object. How do I - Restore an element that has been rmnamed A directory used to have a full compliment of file elements, and along the way, some elements had the name See the discussion in "CC group permissions".

cleartool: Error: Cannot get view info for current view: Invalid argument. Cleartool Commands In both cases, if the machines will be in contact often, it's a good idea to add them to the /etc/hosts file. rvance.geg.mot.com rvance d520n.geg.mot.com Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly. http://ejostrander.com/cc_errors.html Permalink May 05, 2010 abhijit joshi says: Hi, It seems that issue with space characters in the load paths have reappeared...

This error is most likely caused by an albd user or permission problem or clearcase group problem. If one imports an entire directory tree into CC and that tree contains some UNIX softlinks, the links will be made into elements as a part of the clearimport process. This error occurred when attempting a checkout on Windows that was connected to a UNIX VOB via NFS Maestro. Example: 1.

Cleartool Commands

The interesting thing is, if I go manually onto the Hudson server where the build runs and use ClearCase Explorer to click on the folder within the view, then rerun the http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29919499/how-to-change-vob-owner-and-vob-group These fields would have to be pre-processed before they were sent/set in Clearcase View. Cleartool Checkvob Ill be coming back to your b... my $fname = $ENV{CLEARCASE_PN}; my $verpart; # # Get initial predecessor version. # $cmd = "cleartool desc -fmt \"%PVn\" $fname"; $verpart = `$cmd`; use Config; my $arch = $^O ? $^O

clearimport: Error: Permission denied. More about the author Have the person that owns the checkout do an uncheckout on it. Create the trigger by executing a command similar to the following: cleartool mktrtype -element -all -preop checkout -exec "\\server\triggershare\directory\no-op-script.cmd" NOCO_1 At this point, any attempt by an unauthorized user will cause However, even though it can no longer be a candidate for winkin, it is still a useable view-private file.

In this example, any changes to a file named "version.properties" or "Version.properties" anywhere in the source tree will be ignored. The specific reason why cases result in one or the other error is unknown to me. How do I understand using directory protections is not sufficient to protect the contained elements Using VOB directory protections is not sufficient to protect the elements that appear as children http://vootext.com/cleartool-error/cleartool-error-not-a-vob-object.html Not the answer you're looking for?

Note: For even more detailed debugging information, modify your trigger scripts to display information as it executes. WINDOWS: As long as the user "is a member of" a group in the VOB's group list and the parent directory where the element will be created is owned by the This is very confusing to me so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

To get around this, rmvob on the private VOB and recreate it with a tag located in a directory local to the machine.

It then executes an update with an add_loadrules option for each load rule. cleartool: Error: Trouble looking up element "element" in directory "directory". ClearCase daemons: Albd server startup error(4:1) cleartool: Error: Checked out version, but could not copy data to "element" in view: Operation not permitted. /lib/modules/fs/mvfs.o: unresolved symbol ... This error showed up when attempting to update a snapshot view.

Error: albd_server must run in the clearcase group clearimport: Error: Newer version in VOB blocks import of version "version". Select the VOB to be imported e. So I'll see errors like the following... news Some things to look at: 1) Can you map a network drive to the vobstore independent of CC? 2) Re-register the user via "nfs register" on the command-line. 3) Is the

For more information on the cleartool sub-commands used in this technote refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man from command line. 6. vob_scrubber: Error: Unable to get VOB tag registry information for replica uuid "...". The problem is that, the output of it should not be shown in the actual job's log, since it's not directly related with the build process.A command like "cleartool lsview $CLEARCASE_VIEWNAME" Below, the vob-tag belongs to the VOB that got deleted or is no longer reachable.

but we just about to expand to 4, and using "Hudson 1.339" and "Clearcase 1.1.1" and "ClearCase UCM Baseline 1.3" in our configuration. cleartool: Error: checked out version, but could not copy data to "view" in view: Invalid argument This error showed up on a Windows client connecting to a Windows server. See the below examples for UNIX and Windows, respectively. Change to the view/VOB context (cd M:\java_vu\java) 4.

Checked in "zero.txt" version "\main\8". Moreover, in dynamic views, checkout of a version you are requesting will not default to the one selected by the view's config_spec as in snapshot views. OK, so I tried doing the for /f %a in ('dir /s /b') do cleartool protect -chown owner -chgrp group "%a" command but for some reason it did not work with DISCLAIMER: All source code and/or binaries attached to this document are referred to here as "the Program".

cleartool: Error: Source "from" and destination "to" are in different versioned object bases. Note: Unknown groups (nobody) can be added to the VOBs group list. Use vob_siddump/vob_sidwalk to replace the incorrect group SIDs/GIDs references with the correct group ID (refer to technote 1256390). Back to the INDEX.

I wonder ifHudsonuse polling mode when Hudson invoke Ant file to update clear case view or not. Permalink Feb 23, 2010 Justin Bischoff says: I had to modify the Hudson service to run as a user with permissions to access C...