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Cisco Error Message


Error Message %UC_CMI-1-DBLException:%[DBLException=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Unable to connect to the DB. Explanation Recommended Action Error Message 1313=CCNSC_PM_REMOVE_EMPTY_DIR_ERR=Failed to remove empty directory [ %s ]. Most Common Port and Interface Troubleshooting Commands for CatOS and Cisco IOS This table shows the most common commands used for troubleshooting port or interface problems on switches that run CatOS The number of times one collision occurred before the interface transmitted a frame to the media successfully. More about the author

Error Message 6014=Bind resource mgr context to NS failed [%s]. Recommended Action Contact your technical support representative. SEVERITY is a single-digit code from 0 to 7 that reflects the severity of the condition. Contact your technical support representative.

Cisco Error Message

The lower the number, the more serious the situation. Error Message 1309=CCNSC_PM_NOT_A_GROUP=[ %s ] is not a group. MTU - The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is 1500 bytes for Ethernet by default (for the max data portion of the frame). The operation fails.

This is a GUI message. This is a CTM error. For switches that run Cisco IOS, this command displays output similar to a Cisco router, like software image name and version information and system memory sizes. Cisco Error In Authentication Recommended Action Note the return code and return message and contact your technical support representative.

The rcv-err counter on a 5K only increments as a result of excessive traffic. SUBFACILITY is used only for Cisco Catalyst 6000 series switches that are operating in a distributed system. Collisions must not be seen on interfaces configured as full duplex. click here now This is a general error and can be generated for any of the following reasons: •The hostname provided is an invalid FTP Server hostname •The hostname provided is an invalid CNR

Verify that the LDAP server is reachable from Unified CM node, make sure that the network connectivity between Unified CM and the LDAP server by pinging the LDAP server host from Cisco Error 412 This is an internal error. Consider the application configuration and security configuration for the user, for TAPI applications review the Control Panel >Phone and Modem Options > Advanced > select a CiscoTSP > Configure... > Security Recommended Action Check the DNS setting.

Linksys Error

This is a general error. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/converged_network_solutions_center_subscriber_provisioning/2-0/user/guide/app_err.html A user has been locked out of his or her account. Cisco Error Message Administrator has restricted the Line to be controllable by application. Microsoft Error Single-Col Description: CatOS sh port and Cisco IOS sh interfaces counters errors.

Recommended Action Retry the association between the service profile and an existing provisioning profile. http://vootext.com/cisco-error/cisco-error-nonexistent-fru.html Order of the parameters in an alarm message can change and it is decided by the Application or Component. QOS All Quality of Service (QoS) related messages. Explanation The operation to deallocate the specified IP address. Oracle Error

The IEEE ethernet specification forbids this bit to be set in any Ethernet frame. Frames received that exceed the maximum IEEE 802.3 frame size (1518 bytes for non-jumbo Ethernet) and have a bad Frame Check Sequence (FCS). Error Message 40100 Resolved NS failed[ %s ]. click site For further assistance, contact your technical support representative.

Explanation The configuration file cannot be downloaded using FTP for the specified reason. Cisco Error Disable In order to pull the exact statistics of the traffic, it is suggested that you use a sniffer to monitor the necessary ingress and egress interfaces. This follow up message (such as, CNR license has expired) indicates that CNR cannot continue with the action.

PLATFORM All Platform related commands, for instance, shelf mgr, chassis, env ctrl, and so forth.

Recommended ActionCheck Database connection, then restart CMI. Error Message %UC_DB-3-ErrorChangeNotifyClientTimeout:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:A change notification client was responding slowly and has been removed.. This is an internal error. Cisco Error Codes If the application uses an Application User, check under Device Information section for that Application User in Cisco Unified CM Administration (User Management > Application User).

Error Message %UC_IPVMS-3-kReadCfgUserLocaleEnterpriseSvcParm:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Error reading enterprise default user locale configuration. nimtree.properties File Errors This section describes nimtree.properties file related error messages. This is a CNR error. http://vootext.com/cisco-error/cisco-error-4052.html ExplanationCMI Service has been stopped.

Although the values of the counters are largely accurate, they are not very precise by design. Error Message 12020 The element has been deleted successfully (FDN: %s) Explanation Informational only. Recommended ActionThis alarm is for information purposes only; no action is required. Recommended ActionInformational purposes only; no action is required Error Message %UC_DB-3-IDSReplicationFailure:%[class_id=String][class_msg=String][specific_msg=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Combined alarm for emergency and error situations.

This is a general error. Error Message 10050 'Management' NetInfo is required. Recommended Action Check the DNS setting. Cannot continue!

Recommended ActionRestart the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service or restart server. Other input-related errors can also cause the input errors count to be increased, and some datagrams can have more than one error. This is a GUI message. Error Message %UC_CMI-3-ReadingFileFailure:%[ErrorInfo=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:CMI failed to read SMDI messages from the serial port.

Recommended Action Error Message 6062=Get template [%s] successfully. The cable can have encountered physical stress that causes it to be functional at a marginal level. For further assistance, contact your technical support representative. The number of received packets discarded because there is no buffer space.

The results of a duplex mismatch are extremely slow performance, intermittent connectivity, and loss of connection. Error Message 10372 (%s) has illegal characters Explanation At the Create Subnetwork, Create DLS Complex, or the corresponding Properties dialog box, illegal characters were entered. Also, use RTMT to look for error messages that may have occurred around the time of the alarm. It is also possible to get this error if the Unified CM node or application server is experiencing high CPU usage.

Explanation This is a File error.