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Both are from PEAK-System. Now, I am trying to connect PCAN-USB to OBD-II connector of HONDA civic. Alban Rampon Jun 5, 2007 9:34 AMCorrect AnswerHello Venu,For URGENT and problem blocking project developpment, we advise to use the Service Request.The MPC5200 is partially supported via the Forums (this board I asked for a description, not a repeat of your original post.

The two terminators in parallel become 60 Ohms and you still have the unterminated stub. If that "something" sees a valid CAN message on the primary side it will provide the ack bit to the primary bus. -- Chisolm Republic of Texas Reply Posted by ●January On one side it provides the isolated CANH and CANL signals, on the other it provides the RX and TX signals to be directly connected to the CAN controller. So I know that the CAN physical layer is OK. see this here

Peak Can Bus Heavy

Try these settings BRP = 1 Total Tq = 16 PropSeg=3 Pseg1=8 Pseg2=4 SJW=4 Sample Point=75% Its a good idea to try an external osc. Can you see the values in the RX and TX error counters? With secondary bus hooked up, everything works great. > Even when the secondary bus is disconnected, all CAN messages on > the primary bus are ACK'd by other nodes on the

Any other ideas? Thanks, raja. This will provide clues. Can Bus Off Error post edited by nick9871 - 2007/03/20 11:08:57 #11 nick9871 New Member Total Posts : 29 Reward points : 0 Joined: 2007/02/15 21:01:27Location: 0 Status: offline RE: CAN Not working, BUS HEAVY

Any help would be very great. Pcan View Bus Heavy As you have not detailed anything about the physical layer - you may need to adjust the settings to suit. Please try the request again. https://www.peak-system.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=757 Do i have to modify any settings.

Reply Posted by Dave Nadler ●January 26, 2014Apologies for being less than clear, and getting side-tracked by PCAN diagnostic tool behavior... Can Bus Error Handling Then I'd look at the signal on a scope to see if it's there and what the bit rate is. And while I had the scope, I'd check the other pins on the OBD connector. BUS HEAVY condition.

Pcan View Bus Heavy

Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC + 1 hour [ DST ] Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group Skip navigation http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27126053/can-bus-acknowledgment-error Anyway, just wanted to post this so others could search and find a resolution. Peak Can Bus Heavy All I get is BUSHEAVY error. > > I am using 500kbits/sec. > > Any help would be very great. > Thanks, > Vikram > -- > Archives and useful links: Can Bus Error Codes All I get is BUSHEAVY error.

Code is below, the RS232 functionality of the code works, which would make me guess the oscillator is operating at 32MHZ, which it should be. We are using PCAN USB ( including PCAN View) from PEAK at One end and A TI C2000 (F28335) DSP with CAN Transreciver at other. What can I say instead of "zorgi"? Yet > when the secondary is unplugged, the primary gets hosed. Can Bus Error Frame

If I put the serial check before the ECANReceive function, then it does work, meaning that it is sucsesfully sending, but not receiving. Otherwise, no wonder. –Lundin Nov 25 '14 at 11:58 There ar two nodes inside the microcontroller and I am using only CAN2 because CAN1 is not required –user2870154 Nov Off to the oscilloscope I guess. Alternatively, if you have two CAN controllers in the same MCU, you can enable both of them and wire them together.

Does insert only db access offer any additional security Call native code from C/C++ Help on a Putnam Problem from the 90s Safety of using images found through Google image search Can Bus Error Detection I at attaching here the CCS code used for DSP controller to TX and RX data, when we debug code, i can see data at CANA_H and CANA_L pins of DSP It sounds as if your receiver cannot hear its transmitter.

Execute from RAM in PIC32MZ?

Both are from PEAK-System. When I send a test data stream with nothing connected, it reports "Bus Heavy" as if there is heavy bus contention. So after exporting and loading that file into the PicKit2, the configuration bits are set and the oscillator works! Pcan_error_busheavy Correct?

Join us now! So the bus should technically be free of error until the PIC tries to send something, unless my transciever is broken or there is an extreme amount of reflection. Both are working fine for other CAN system (Board developed by me using PIC18F4580), I can read/send messages. Rufus V.

I know you could certainly write your own routines, but I would think many would start from a base code... It was never ran, meaning the program never got to that point. But that would mean the FOSC would be 8MHz and how is the serial still working when it is configured for a 32MHz FOSC? Good point.

Thanks Rich, this unit looks really good, I'll check out what signal level interfacing might be required, Best Regards, Dave Reply Previous12Next You might also like... The two nodes can be located anywhere along the stub. A possible cause can be a short circuit on the bus. All rights reserved. © 2016 Jive Software | Powered by Jive SoftwareHome | Top of page | HelpJive Software Version: 2016.2.5.1, revision: 20160908201010.1a61f7a.hotfix_2016.2.5.1 current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow

Am using filter in Extended mode. Could it be that the internal resonator, even when PLL'd to 32MHz just will not work? I am using the PicKit 2 programmer, and apperantly I was using the old software version. Simplest example: I'm using a PCAN USB-CAN adapter for testing, made by Peak (sold in USA by Grid Connect).

I'm not sure to understand your bus topology. But that would mean the FOSC would be 8MHz and how is the serial still working when it is configured for a 32MHz FOSC? So, i need some help if there is some who had worked with TI DSP and CAN. Smith > Faria Watchdog > [hidden email] > > > > On 4/27/2012 12:24 PM, Vikram Rajput wrote: >> >> Hi, >> >> I have PCAN-explorer and PCAN-USB.

The Bosch CAN IP differentiates between a "Not Acknowledged" > error and a collision, but it looks like the PCAN unit (or at least its > PC SW) does not differentiate, I read through it all and really understand the CAN bus more thoroughly. http://www.pctestinstruments.com You can download the > user interface software for a demo run without purchasing the unit. The Bosch CAN IP differentiates between a "Not Acknowledged" error and a collision, but it looks like the PCAN unit (or at least its PC SW) does not differentiate, and reports

I was using a simple serial message to verify where my program is (poor mans ICD). Started by Dave Nadler ●January 26, 2014 ChronologicalNewest First OK, I'm sure I'm confused about something basic here... I/O issue PIC16F View assembly generated from C code PIC24FJ128GA202 SD Card Example conflicts between datasheet, device header and MCC interface INT0 only triggers once Suggestions for the next release of Why is RN2903 dropping packets - only around 1 in 8 packets is getting through LoRaWAN looks great, but I don't want to pay a subscription.